Student model bandonion 142 tone bi-sonoric 


This September the first series of 15 instruments was delivered for music schools adding bandonion to their program as well

SKVR Rotterdam (NL)

Cultura Ede (NL)

Muziek academie St Agatha Berghem (B)



The student model is available in black with black bellows (red is optional) 


This student model has single voice    Soundfile   ( low octave reeds )only
but traditional type reed plates in zinc professional quality


traditional wooden action professional quality 


Price for the student model is Euro 2200 ( includes soft bag and tutor )  

Special discounts for teachers and official dealers

To the order production only , delivery time ca. 3 months after downpayment 


For 2012 we also start production of the same instrument in two voice octave tuning

Price indication Euro 3600

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